Customization is one way to get your team unified. Our staff has the experience to put your team logo, name, or artwork on suits, caps, t-shirts, hoodies, and warm ups. We are also able to customize towels, backpacks and equipment for your team. Want to create a new logo? Our staff is full of creative individuals who are willing and able to work with you and get your team looking great.  

We offer a wide variety of ways to create custom apparel. From heat press, screen print, and embroidery, the options are truly endless! All work is done on the premises with our State of the Art Equipment.

Check out some of our work below. 


Commercial logos done on the premises.

Northeastern Jacket logo
Tar Heels - Copy - Copy
App Logo
FXE Pullover

Put your team logo on a baseball cap!

Hunter Oaks Towel

Get your team name on a visor.


Example of caps with logos on them.

There are endless ways to add spirit to your team.

Personalize your fins.

Here are different types of appear ideas.

A close up of our beautifully crafted embroidery.

Customized Swim Suits!

Customized cap for team spirit!

Northeastern boys showing off there cool custom pennys.

Look unified with custom warm ups.

Custom apparel to get your teaming looking their best!

Our 2016 "fun caps" that our creative team designed this year.

Cold after swimming? Get a personalized jacket to warm you up.

Some of our favorite shrimpers showing off their awesome customized suits.